7 Unexpected Things That Ruin Your Vacation

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Careful planning during the holidays is important before going on vacation, both short trip and long trip. Proper planning, at the end, will determine whether your vacation ends up being a successful vacation or a failed one. However, sometimes a well-planned vacation is threatened to fail because of some things that are beyond your expectation. Here are some unexpected things that weebers need to be aware of when undergoing a vacation.

  1. Transportation Delay

Both public and private transportation have their challenges. Public transportation such as planes, trains & ships may experience both technical and non-technical obstacles that cause the schedule of departure or return to change. To overcome this, the best thing weebers can do is to avoid transportation providers that are known for delays. As for private vehicles such as cars or motorbikes, usually the most common obstacle that weebers face is traffic jam or broken down vehicles. To overcome this, weebers should pay close attention to the route taken, prepare alternative routes, prepare your car by undergoing periodic maintenance before the trip and carry essential equipment for emergencies.

  1. Battery Drop / Electronic Failure

Weebers, holiday is incomplete without capturing beautiful moments and share them on social media. Make sure camera battery, cellphone or other gadgets that you need for your holiday are functioning properly. Prepare a spare battery just in case the battery goes malfunction, or to swipe them when you are on the go and cannot recharge your phone. Use proper gadget, equipment or phone application to enhance the quality of photos or videos you take.

  1. Less Information On Your Destination

Sometimes we are tempted to visit a tourist site that looks good on social media, or a place that is currently viral. It is ok to go mainstream, but be careful when expecting to go to attractions that are viral or look good on social media. Sometimes the image or video that you see has gone through a good editing stage and added effects making it looks stunning. To avoid disappointment, you should do a little research and try to find more information on that cool place you are going to visit. Gather info through travel page, reviews or ask friends who have visited. This quick research will definitely help you to avoid disappointment.

  1. Travel Buddy

travel buddy

Most people would rather go travelling with friends than going alone. To ensure a great vacation, make sure you choose a travel buddy who is similar to you, as enthusiastic as you are, the one who can match your pace. Especially when you are travelling on a budget and very tight timing to catch from one flight to another flight, you and your travel buddy both need to be agile. Otherwise, one will become a burden to the other or in the worst case, you might lose your flight.

  1. Bad Timing

Make sure you travel on the right time. For example, if you are looking for a tranquil destination, you need to check whether or not a local mass event is going to be held at the date of your visit. Another example is when you are going to Bali, you really need to check whether or not a religious event is being held. When travelling to Bali in Nyepi Day, one of Balinesse local holidays, where Bali is totally shut down, all tourist attractions are closed. No lights and people are not allowed to wander on the streets. Again, do a quick research on the internet, travel page and review and ask friends who might have the experience.

  1. Natural Disaster.

Natural disaster can occurs anytime and anywhere. Make sure you always get updated information on your travel destinations before you leave. The earthquake in Lombok, for example, resulted in several tourist destinations being prohibited for tourists. It is better to reschedule your travel to get the maximum holiday sensation, when the condition is fully normal and tourists attractions are fully functioning. While non-natural disasters can be like political tensions that occur in Hong Kong or Israel. Avoiding potentially dangerous places in advance will ensure your vacation trip is not in vain.

  1. Running Out of Cash

Provide enough money / cash not just to cover your travelling expenses but also for emergency situation. Let say, somehow you miss your flights and may need to buy another ticket home due to delays / certain situations, or additional fees to stay at the hotel. If you do not want to bring too much cash, make sure your Bank debit card has international network or ensure the limit of your credit card.

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