Beginner Mountain Climbing Tips

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Mountain climbing also called mountaineering began to develop rapidly in the world since the last 15 years. Long ago, mountaineering was identical to men only and considered as an extreme sport where hiking and or rock climbing may be involved. But now it is very popular in Indonesia, not only adult men, mountaineering is now favored by women, teenagers, and even children. For you beginner climbers, and just want to try mountaineering, it is not as frightening as you imagine when you know the basics and understanding on what to be prepared. Here are some tips from WeekendVibes for beginner climbers:

Climb with Experienced Friends.

A person becomes good at something because he or she is used to doing it. So, learn from friends who are used to climbing and do not take the risk to go with a group of beginner climbers. Experienced climbers have extensive knowledge and are also mentally prepared to handle obstacles that may arise during climbing.

Set The Bar Not Too High.

Do not think of conquering Everest or Kilimanjaro in short amount of time. Determine climbing to hills or mountains that are not too high and with less heavy trek obstacles. To beginner climber, mountain with an altitude of 5,000 ft to 7,000 ft above sea level is quite challenging. Climbers can choose a mountain that has quite gentle slope.

Mountain Climbing

Understand The Trek

After determining the hill or mountain to conquer, it is good for you to find out in advance about the terrain that will be faced, the weather forecast that might occur, the distance will be traveled and the length of the trek. By knowing in advance, you can properly prepare all the equipment needed and the logistics supply (food and drink) to keep you energized and hydrated.

Choosing The Right Gear

Use equipment in accordance with the estimated terrain climbing conditions. Select appropriate clothing, shoes and climbing equipment. Use shoes that are comfortable to wear, because you will use them for a longer period of time. If needed, also prepare Trekking Pole and don’t forget to prepare your adequate survival kit.

Climbing Light

Do not overload your body. Appropriate equipment is the main thing, no need to overdo it. Bring right amount of change clothes, not excessive. In addition, also bring your logistics just enough for the trip. Climb light, so you can focus more on enjoying the nature.

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