History & Myth Behind The Name of Virgin Beach Pari Island

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Weekendvibes.id – Virgin beach is one of the tourist spots on Pari Island with its beautiful white sand that should not be missed if you travel to Pari Island. In addition to the beauty of the white sand, in the virgin beach there are quite a lot of Mangrove trees.

There are many questions from “weebers” (our call to weekendvibes followers) on why it is called a virgin beach? A number of myths and stories why they are called virgin beaches have been circulating widely in the community.

Why is it called a virgin beach? One of the stories from residents around the island of Pari stating that long decades ago two young children played on the beach of Pari island, the beach was lush with grass and weeds, and many found thorny pandanus trees and coconut trees.

At that time, they saw a black crow flying toward them. The crow perched not far from them. These two small children are still ignorant while playing on the coast while looking for shellfish.

Not long after the crow flew up to them and picked up one of the children, the crow flew and never returned.

the two children are of course still virgin. So the beach was named the Virgin Beach, which is a beach where a virgin child is missing.

The other child reported to the residents that his friend had been taken by a crow. The residents had tried to look everywhere but they never found the girl. The witness (child) is still alive and live on Pari Island.

We cannot deny that the virgin sand beach on Pari Island is still a virgin. Newly taken virginity by tourists visiting Pari Island in the last two years.

1087 Views 5 On 11 Ratings Rate it

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