Safety Vacation Tips In Rainy Season

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Hello Weberssss … !! How are you with your weekend getaways, it’s definitely more fun.

It won’t feel like we’ll be entering the rainy season soon. You all must know that if it is the rainy season it will definitely be difficult to walk everywhere, cloudy weather and muddy streets will definitely be an obstacle.

But not to worry, we are here to give you a few tips for all of you to have a safe and comfortable vacation during the rainy season, so you can still enjoy your weekend break without having to worry about the rainy season. Here are some tips from us for all of you.

Safety Vacation Tips When The Rainy Season

6 safety vacation tips when the rainy season :

  • Choose a vacation destination
    • First, you must know in advance where you want to go. Because it’s very important for you to prepare all the needs that you have to bring. Indoor tourism is the safest and most comfortable holiday destination in the rainy season. Indoor tourism options that you can go to such as museums, photo or painting galleries, indoor playgrounds, shopping or culinary tours. Even so that does not mean you can not vacation in outdoor locations. You can still vacation in an outdoor location that is not far from home, like a city park.
  • Weather forecast
    • After you determine your vacation destination you also have to pay attention to the weather forecast. Especially the weather conditions in the place that you will visit. Note the potential waves that will occur if you intend to go to the beach, or you can also monitor the status of the mountain if you are going to climb. With easy access to digital information you can get all that information by accessing the official website of BMKG (Meteorology and Geophysics Agency). By paying attention to weather forecast conditions you can determine the right tourist attractions.
  • What equipment is required
    • Next is the mandatory equipment that you have to bring while on holiday in the rainy season, namely Umbrellas, Raincoats, plastic, flip-flops and waterproof cellphone cases. These objects are very important to protect you from rain. Also use footwear (shoes or sandals) that are waterproof and not complicated when used. And don’t forget to always wear warm clothes such as sweaters or jackets to protect yourself from the cold.
  • Maintaining Body Condition
    • When the rainy season is usually the condition of the immune system will decrease due to erratic temperature changes. Therefore we must maintain the health of our bodies, especially before going on vacation. Because of course you will not be able to enjoy a vacation if your body condition is declining. And any tips that can be done to maintain the condition of the body including eating nutritious food, regular exercise, adequate rest and taking vitamins if needed.
  • Bring medication as needed
    • The next preparation that is no less important is to bring the necessary drugs. During the rainy season the common diseases that occur are flu and cough. Therefore, do not forget to always bring cold and cough medicines while on holiday in the rainy season.
  • Pray and Keep Thinking Positive
    • Our last tip, which is always to pray and keep thinking positive. Because wherever you are and in any condition you must always draw closer to God. And you also have to always think positively, because from positive thoughts will produce creative ideas.

That’s some tips we can share for you weekend lovers. Hopefully the tips that we share can be useful for all of you. Greetings Weekend Vibes \m/

195 Views 5 On 4 Ratings Rate it

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