Pari Island

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A footage of our trip from the harbor of Kali Adem, Muara Angke, Jakarta to Pari Island by using a wooden boat. The journey was very long and took us about three hours to get to the island since the ship went very slowly. Luckily our trip was supported by good weather. Overall, it was a pleasant trip.

Trip To Pari Island – Video Trailer

Duration: 198

A teaser clip on our trip Pari island. Bringing you a closer look on the beauty of the island, the people and the good vibes. WeekendVibes is about having a great week-end. Doing fun things, making great adventures. Here’s how to make your Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the good vibes. Keep In The Good vibes

Boat Ride To Pari Island

Duration: 291

Who doesn’t know Pari Island, one of the islands in the southern Thousand Islands has become a magnet for local and foreign tourists lately . Recently weekendvibes have the opportunity to take a vacation to visit Pari Island, for some members of weekendvibes, this is the second visit, but still feels special. Especially for the first time visiting Pari Island, seemed to find an oasis in the middle of the desert. Overreacting? of course, with the hustle , bustle and […]

Plogging In Bintang Beach, Pari Island, Indonesia

Duration: 6:29 155

Hi Weebers….!!! Back again, this time we do an adaptation of the so called Plogging. Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up trash as in Swedish language means ‘plocka app’, following the increased concern about plastic pollution. However we did not jog, instead we just casually walk enjoying our view in Bintang Beach, Pari Island, Indonesia. As where ever we go, we always try to bring positive vibes and impacts, we hope this video will bring the message, […]

Snorkeling On The Shore of Bird Island Indonesia

Duration: 141

Back again Weebers……. Come on, grab your snorkel and goggles and let’s get wet. This time we head to the shore of Bird Island, near to Pari Island, Indonesia and experience the beauty of its underwater view. To enjoy the full experience, we suggest you to come on weekdays and if you are lucky enough to have pleasant weather, go closer to the Bird Island to have the best snorkeling spot. The visibility is near perfect and great for beginners. […]

Cycling To Perawan Beach, Pari Island – Indonesia

Duration: 07:13 91

Cycling form our home-stay to Perawan Beach (Pantai Perawan) took us approximately 6 minutes. We were shocked by the numbers of visitor coming to the beach. It was way too crowded and we couldn’t do anything. All the best spots for taking videos and photos were fully crowded. So we did our best to bring the best video to you guys. Hope you enjoy it. It was bad timing, we didn’t know that a big event was taking place. For […]
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